Arrowhead Farm Barn

Hands down this is our best find so far! We salvaged over 10,000 linear feet of weathered barnboard, hickory threshing floor, rafters, roof boards, interior wall sheathing, and about 15 original barn doors from one of the original Arrowhead Farm barns in Newburyport, MA. So much history is packed within these boarded stall walls! The material obtained from the 334 year old barn will all be given new life in our Arrowhead Farm series of farmhouse inspired furniture. This collection will showcase classic farmhouse inspiration with an arcart twist. Follow the series on Instagram with #arrowheadbarnfurniture

We are so excited by this amazing find, but the best part was getting to chat with the owner Justin. He's a twelfth-generation farmer keeping the craft of family farming alive at one of the nations oldest running farms. In our business it's not just about the wood, the design, the finish. it's the people, it's the history that makes us love this job so much!


"Homestead" Table


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